Raymond Scott Woolson

Raymond Scott Woolson first picked up a guitar at age 4, and has been making various noises with it ever since. He has dabbled in rock / pop / psychedelia / folk / experimental / ambient, and the indie rock subgenre known as shoegaze, but he is best known for his series of "ethereal instrumental" albums, all produced at home between 1997 and 2015, plus the two albums he recorded under the project name Orchard Doves in 2013 and 2014.

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" Spirits of '92 "


~~~ ALBUMS ~~~

"Accidental Grace Notes" and "Broken Things Mended" are available as CD or MP3 download at cdbaby.com.

"Immortal Remains" and "Tranquility Base" are available as free streaming or download at bandcamp.com.

Click on the thumbnails below to open each album's page at cdbaby or bandcamp.

All other albums are temporarily unavailable, but they'll be back soon.

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