Raymond Scott Woolson

Creative writing is a hobby in which I've sporadically indulged since the early 1990's, resulting in a small collection of short stories and essays. This page will make available some of the better specimens .

Letters To A Kindred Spirit - A collection of emails written in 2001. Edited in 2016.
Letters To A Kindred Spirit.pdf Letters To A Kindred Spirit.pdf
Size : 261.817 Kb
Type : pdf
Early School Years - Stories from elementary school written in 2016-2017.
Early School Years.pdf Early School Years.pdf
Size : 85.614 Kb
Type : pdf
Teacher Tributes - written in 2001 and 2016.
Teacher Tributes.pdf Teacher Tributes.pdf
Size : 82.377 Kb
Type : pdf
My First Crush - A public school remembrance written in 2016.
My First Crush.pdf My First Crush.pdf
Size : 52.255 Kb
Type : pdf
The Perilous Realm - A curious biographical essay written in 1995.
The Perilous Realm.pdf The Perilous Realm.pdf
Size : 74.938 Kb
Type : pdf
Rare Tim - A nonsense story written in 1994.
Rare Tim.pdf Rare Tim.pdf
Size : 84.817 Kb
Type : pdf
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